Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Sybil Awards logo

May 20 marks the official foundation date of the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP). On our 8th year, we proudly present the
Sybil Awards 2010

The Sybil Awards honor those who have promoted transgender visibility, equality, acceptance and dignity. The Sybil logo has three elements: a silhouette of a woman in a dance pose with raised arms, an oversized S that covers parts of her body and the name of the award and the year that it is being given.

The woman with outstretched hands represents the gallae, a cult of priestesses who dedicated their life to the worship of the goddess Sybil in ancient Greece and Rome. The gallae were assigned male at birth but transformed themselves by means of castration. During the festival honoring Sybil, the gallae danced wildly in veneration of the Great Mother. They are recognized as precursors of modern transgender identity.

The oversized S, aside from standing for the S in Sybil, represents the female garb that gallae wore. Its shape embodies flexibility and fluidity and encapsulates the idea of gender variability. The Sybil Awards is a celebration of the right to self-determination--the right to define one’s gender identity and expression--and is a way to honor those who respect this right fully.

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Dawn Selya said...

I love it! Very very creative. Congratulations to yet-unnamed Sybil awardees and to STRAP of course!