Monday, May 17, 2010

Anti-trans violence in Turkey

Turkey is notorious for the presence of polar opposites: men who admire transwomen and those who have very low regard for them. Because of the latter, many transwomen have been found dead in different parts of Turkey. At the same time, Turkey has a very famous transcelebrity, Bulent Ersoy. I met a Turkish gay activist visiting Manila once and he said that Bulent Ersoy has done nothing for the TLBG movement in his country. I hope he is wrong. Below is another proof of the culture of contradiction that exists in that country. I am posting it in solidarity with the transactivists there who suffer real violence but are standing up against it. I hope there can be real change for them soon.

Trans Individuals in Turkey- Ankara were severely beaten by the police force in Ankara tonight at around 23.00 p.m.. Five Transexual women who are all Pink Life activists were stopped in their car and asked to show their identity cars by the police. They all showed their IDs but the police wanted to get them out and they resisted since this was one of the extreme implementations of the fascist Ankara police against trans individuals.

We as human righst activists came along the car they were stopped and asked the police about what they were doing and they did not provide us with any lawful reason about their violence. After a while, the police force started to beat the human rights defenders (namely us who were out of the car - including me and the trans individuals) and they severely beated us!!

We resisted and some of our friends were severely injured. The trans individuals within the car- including two founders of Pink Life were forcibly taken out of the car and were kicked from their stomach and legs, arms and they were severely bloody !!! The silicons of the trans persons were forced and they are severely injured.

The 5 trans people were taken to the police station forcibly- and the police continued to beat them and us - and they are now under custody without any reason!! We human rights activists are waiting in one of the houses of the beaten trans individuals. Tomorrow we will have a press release, most probably..

I will give the required information soon ! Pls try to spread this information since we as trans activists need your solidarity and overt support!!!


Kemal Ordek
Pink Life LGBTT Solidarity Association
Ankara - Turkey

Pink Life staged a protest action in line with this incidence of violence. You can see the pictures here.

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