Sunday, June 21, 2009

A night out with the girls

With Maegan

After my Spanish class last Saturday, I immediately went home to rest a bit. That day, I was text messaging with the girls about going out the same night. So that evening, I met up with them and we proceeded to a place called Ka Freddie's in Malate in Manila. Ka Freddie's is owned by the world-renowned folk-rock musician Freddie Aguilar whose haunting song Anak (Child) has been translated into numerous languages. On Saturday nights, his equally famous daughter Maegan Aguilar performs there (see pic below). That night, I was with Dee, Phoejay, Rica and our "baby girl" Gia (see above picture).


Every time I get together with the girls, especially with Rica (with me in the pic below) around, I'm almost always sure it will be a laugh fest. All the girls are quite witty in their own way but Rica takes the cake in being the zaniest of us all. Her funny antics include inventing words, making faces, making ridiculous gestures out of the blue and always coming up with a punch line in her every turn in the conversation. I love having Rica around because she's not only a beautiful, successful, and intelligent girl but she also does not mind when the joke is on her. Truly the best people are those who can laugh at themselves while making other laugh in the process.

With Rica

That night I told the girls that I had a feeling that the only reason why we go out is for us to have an excuse to take our pictures. Everybody laughed. Nowadays, I've noticed that the girls have become more camera-obsessed than usual (me included). Every time we get together, someone is always bound to have a camera and every second is like a photo-op. I'm quite liking this not-so-camera-shy culture though as it ensures some good memories are captured in pictures that everyone can see and one can look at every now and then if one were feeling nostalgic. The best part is uploading them on our social utility sites where others who were not there could make comments (funny or not) and see what we've been up to as well.

I really had a blast hanging out with the girls over the weekend. It's a shame we do not get to do it often. But it's all good I guess. It makes us miss each other more and really want to spend time when we do go out together. That night, we all went home at past 3 in the morning the next day after having such a lovely time indeed (see pic below).


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