Friday, June 26, 2009

A loss too great for words

No matter what they say, Michael Jackson, especially his music, was a big part of my life growing up. I am humbled to have been touched by his genius. His passing is truly a loss that is too great for words. I know I am not alone in mourning his death. Billions of people around the world will miss him. Goodbye Michael. Thank you for shining your bright star on us forever and ever.


Monica Roberts said...

I had he pleasure of meeting him during the J5 days when I was in my teens.

I was proud of the superstar and music icon he became in the 80's, but still remembered the shy quiet boy I met.

RIP Michael. You're a once in a generation talent that will sorely be missed.

Steve said...


I misplaced your e-mail address. Thanks for your kind offer to help me track down a market researcher at UP. The plan sound great. :et me know if you hear anything!

Steve Wilkins

Jerick (the former Curbside Puppet) said...

yeah, this must how the people of elvis' and the beatles' generation felt when elvis and john lennon died.

we lost the great one of our generation.

PinayTG said...

And now that he will be laid to rest, I do hope that he has found peace. :)