Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Welcome lovely ladies to my Copenhagen."

Below is a press release written by Nanna Moe, one of the organizers of the Copenhagen 2009 World Outgames. With only 100 days to go before the opening ceremonies, LGBT participants to this international event are starting to get excited. The press release below, which you can also access here, certainly adds to that!

On July 24th Copenhagen will explode with pride and joy. Thousands of lesbian and bisexual women - young, old, tall, small, thick, thin, slim - from all over the world will join transgenders, gay and bisexual men in a celebration of love and the right to love.

I can hardly wait to welcome the beautiful ladies of the world to my city, Copenhagen. And I know you will enjoy the Women’s Space, especially made for us, our friends and supporters. Drinking drinks, dancing, seeing female acts on the stage – I hope for the sun to be shinning all days, as I cannot imagine anything better than mingling with fabulous women from all over the planet.

Besides having a good time at the Women’s Space, I am also looking forward to the huge LGBT human rights conference. It will be held at one of the most beautiful venues in Copenhagen. I cannot wait to listen to the keynote speakers, and among them the most cool women LGBT activists – such a great and inspirational line-up!

Just for fun, I am looking forward to the dance tournament. Last year, I was lucky to watch my first same-sex couple ballroom dance here in Copenhagen. I was thrilled, and I practised in front of the mirror the weeks afterwards. Imagine me with the big dresses with a chic latina dancer on my hand. Wow! That experience last year was incredible, and the dance competition at the World Outgames will only be a more exciting.

Copenhagen is indeed going to be filled with lovely ladies, so if you have you not registered - do it now – and we will see each other in Copenhagen in a couple of months.

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