Monday, April 6, 2009

The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela opens April 11 at Robinson's Galleria

The movie that all of you have been waiting for, The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela, opens on April 11, 2009 exclusively at Robinson's Galleria, in Pasig City. I hope you will go out of your way to support this Cinderalla-story about a transpinay (transgender Filipina) from Cebu.

The movie has won the following awards:
Best Feature Film, Teddy Awards, Berlin Film Festival, Germany
Grand Jury Prize, Cinemanila Film Festival, Philippines
Best Feature Fiction, Zinegoak Film Festival, Spain
Best International Feature, New York LGBT Film Festival, USA
Showtime Vanguard Award, New York LGBT Film Festival, USA
Jury Award, Cinema City, Serbia

The synposis follows below:
Raquela is a transsexual from the Philippines who dreams of escaping the streets of Cebu City for a fairy tale life in Paris. In order to make her dreams come true, she turns from prostitution toward the more lucrative business of Internet porn. Her success as a porn star brings new friends, including Valerie, another transsexual in Iceland, and Michael, the owner of the website Raquela works for. Valerie helps Raquela get as far as Iceland. From there, Michael offers her a rendezvous in Paris. Will Paris be everything she dreamed of? And will Michael turn out to be her Prince Charming?

For more information on the movie, visit the website here. Happy watching!


Monica Roberts said...

I've seen the trailer. Interesting movie.

PinayTG said...

I think that this movie was inspired by the "ladyboy" phenomenon more than anything else. The "ladyboy" identity is something that I've been wanting to talk at length about for some time now but I'm reserving it for a future time. One thing is for sure though, this movie does not dehumanize that identity. It does exactly the opposite which is why it touched me deeply. Sadly though all of the big-name movie outfits here have passed it up for wider distribution--a really sad thing.