Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inside the Miss Queen Philippines Beauty Pageant

One of the exciting things to look forward to in this year’s celebration of LGBT Pride is the staging by Task Force Pride (TFP) Philippines of a beauty pageant after the parade on 6 December 2008 along Ma. Orosa St. in Manila. Below is the write-up on this ground-breaking TFP project.

The program organizers of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride March in Manila have been known to stage impromptu beauty contests within the post-parade program. Contestants are usually handpicked for coming to the Pride March in intricate attire and are then asked to gamely compete for the Best Costume award in beauty-pageant fashion.

This year, Task Force Pride (TFP) Philippines changes all that by bringing to you a real beauty contest featuring only the most beautiful and the smartest transgender beauty queens from all over the Philippines. Miss Queen Philippines will be the official Pride Queen of the 2008 Manila Pride March: Parade, Program, Pageant and Party and she will proudly reign until the next LGBT Pride March.


Two phases
As it aims to showcase the beauty and talent of transpinays (Filipina transgender women), Miss Queen Philippines will have two phases: a pre-pageant and coronation night. The pre-pageant night will happen on 28 November 2008, Friday, 7:30 pm at Palawan 2 Bar, Yale St., Cubao, Quezon City. The pre-pageant night also serves as TFP’s pre-pride party and fundraiser for the 2008 Manila Pride March. Tickets to the pre-pageant are at Php200 with one free drink. Part of the proceeds will go to TFP.

The second phase of the contest will happen on the day of the LGBT Pride March on 6 December 2008. The Miss Queen Philippines contestants will join the parade and after the advocacy speeches and the various campaigns of TFP 2008, the Pageant proper will commence featuring the finalists who made the cut after the pre-pageant night.

The candidates and the pageant
This year, TFP in cooperation with BRIC, an events-management company, is proud to present 18 lovely beauties who are all reigning beauty titlists. The Pageant on December 6 in Ma. Orosa St. after the Pride March is surely a must-see as these 18 women celebrate their unique talent and beauty by competing in Long Gown, Casual & Swim Wear and answering the much awaited Final Question.

Live, love and unite with Pride! Watch the pre-pageant and coronation night of the Miss Queen Philippines and take pride in the beauty of your transpinay sisters!


Monica Roberts said...

Ought to be fun to watch!

Best wishes for a succeessful pageant.

PinayTG said...

Thanks Monica! I hope we start a tradition that will continue in the coming years in the Task Force.

I promise to take pics for all of you. We have a great batch of girls this year and 'm really really proud of them. :)