Thursday, November 5, 2009

Girl with iPhone

One lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to have coffee together and walk aimlessly around the mall with a girl called Phoejay. Phoejay does fashion, interior and graphic design. I always have a nice time with Phoejay. Ever since I met her in the summer of last year, after she just came back to Manila from the States, we just really seemed to hit it off well. We have been hanging out in various coffee shops lately but we always seem to end up meeting up at Seattles' Best in a mall in Makati. That Sunday, Phoejay surprised me with her new iPhone. Of course we had to take the customary shot. Below is what she took.

Phoejay and Naomi

I love it!

Don't you? Phoejay sent this to me via email. It's really sweet because I always tease her about taking the worst pictures of me, which we jokingly call "sabotage" pictures. A sabotage picture is when another  girl takes your picture and she takes it at your worst angle, in bad lighting or without telling you--a stolen or candid shot! What's worse is when she decides to post it online somewhere like in her blog or social networking sites deliberately or without asking your permission. So we have a tradition of asking each other to take down unflattering pictures of us innocently or intentionally posted somewhere. Talk about vanity! But it's all done in good cheer. I know that I have my bad angles and even if through the years I have become more comfortable in my own skin, even going out without wearing any make up at all lately, I still draw the line at pics of me where I think I am or that I deem "fugly".

I didn't mind seeing this one of me (see pic below) during last month's Support Group Meeting (SGM). I went to the SGM just wearing some powder and told the girls that I was starting a fad called Stars Without Makeup! Let's see now if I can keep that up. *GRIN*


I love this pic because it shows so many of us. We are incomplete in this pic though. Some girls who were in that meeting were no longer around when this pic was taken. Some girls who were in Manila also did not make it to this SGM. Some others were abroad when this SGM happened. I dream in 6 months or a year though, when we hold one or 2 General Assemblies, that all of us will be there. It is really something to look forward to.

I still really love Phoejay's pic of us and I look forward to taking more pics with her through her iPhone.


Dawn Selya said...

ganda mo talaga with or without makeup. Sometimes I go out with barely there makeup - a powder, lip gloss, concealer will do. When you're beautiful inside and out, you are comfortable going bare.

You and phoejay are definitely ravishing in the iPhone shot! Inggit ako.

At ang sabotage - ayyy very common but I wont do that to friends. Ayoko ma-karma. :)

PinayTG said...

Ikaw din sis! Gusto ko talaga ma-achieve yung time na deds na sa makeup. Hehehe. Pero mukhang kailangan kong gastusan ng malaki ang fes ko to get there. LOL

In fairness to you, laging maganda ang pics mo of you and your friends in your blog ha, which I love love love!
I try to be like that all the time too. I always tell the girls that with my camera, everyone is beautiful. ;)