Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer is here!

Last Saturday, March 28, a member of the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP),  held one of two farewell parties poolside at the Upper Penthouse of her building in Makati. Dubbed as The Sun-kissed Party, the event was attended by members of STRAP and their guests. It was a very hot day and the girls all came in their summer outfits.


I was glad to see the girls once again, of course. Meeting only once a month, we tend to miss each other a lot. The SGMs really help bring us together so we have a chance to catch up, share stories, strategize our activism, and of course give us space to enjoy each others' company.

Actually we were all together yesterday evening (March 30) to meet BB Gandanghari. BB worked till late Friday night last week so she could not make it to Saturday's SGM. Since she had a small window of opportunity to meet us all last night, we all agreed to see her and have dinner together. It was a lovely evening. We all trooped to a secluded spot in Makati and we had the resto's non-smoking area all to ourselves. Some of us who were meeting BB for the first time were of course enthralled by her.

What can I say? BB is one awesome woman. She was pleasant and very kind. Our dinner extended to drinks and we were with her for almost 6 hours last night. Not once did she say anything ill about anyone. She shared stories about her past and her hopes for the future. She truly is a woman who is well-connected to her humanity. She's a true a class act.

In the mean time, everyone is gearing up for a long holiday during this year's Semana Santa (Holy Week). Being a predominantly Catholic country, the entire Philippines goes on vacation during this time of the Christian Calendar. Holy Week commemorates the death and resurrection of Christ and this year Good Friday falls on April 10. I have already been invited to hie off to a place outside Manila near the beach for this occasion but have not made up my mind yet. For sure I will go to the beach this summer as I am not passing up on this heat. It's the best time to work on my tan and get that golden glow once again. I'm just so excited that summer has come and is really really here!


Monica Roberts said...

Looking good PTG!

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday weekend!

PinayTG said...

Thanks Monica! Your joining HRC post made my jaw drop. Then I got it and had a good laugh. You've been naughty Miss Roberts, very naughty! :P

Monica Roberts said...

Only problem, Ms. Fontanos is I have to come up with another one to top it next year ;)