Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Outrage Mag features PinayTG

One of our supporters and media partners when we organized the annual Manila Pride March last year was Outrage Magazine, the first and only online publication geared towards the Filipino LGBT market. In its short time of existence, Outrage has attracted a substantial and devoted readership both here and abroad. The first time I read an issue, I thought "What a cool mag!" And this cool mag has an equally cool editor-in-chief, M.D. dela Cruz Tan or Mick, as he is called by everyone.

For their 6th issue, the magazine decided to feature so-called "shakers and movers" in the Pinoy LGBT community. I am one of the ten people they profiled and you can read about that here. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mick and all the people behind Outrage whose hard work and devotion make this innovative mag possible. I heart Here's wishing you 60 issues and more!

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Monica Roberts said...

Congrats sis..and keep on striving to be a powerful role model for transpinays and your sisters around the planet.