Sunday, December 7, 2008


The 2008 Manila Pride March: Parade, Program, Pageant & Party was a huge success! I'm still on Pride high and want to savor it a little longer.

I will tell and show you more when I get back from Yogyagarkta Indonesia for the 60th year anniversary celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)!

In the mean time long live the united Filipino LGBT community!


Monica Roberts said...

Glad it was a success and hope 2009 is an even bigger year for Pinay Pride. ;)

PinayTG said...

Thank you Monica! Or as the locals in Indonesia say, "Terima kasih!" I am very happy because this year we attracted many new people into Task Force Pride. They saw how demanding it was to put up the Pride March and yet they are even now already excited to work for next year's march. I think that's ultimately the reward. :)

Monica Roberts said...

Sometimes those events have the effect of motivating the 'on the fence' people who were before pride reluctant to acknowledge they are part of this community.

They meet others who are proud of who they are, stop feeling shame and guilt for being their authentic selves and get themselves and other 'fence sitters' involved in the community.